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Charlotte's Baked Goods

For your special event you may want to treat your party guests with a dessert table full of delectable bite size treats. Or you may want a variety of full-size items; such as, cakes, pies, or cheesecakes. Whatever you chose you can be assured that all of the desserts start with quality ingredients and include homemade components; such as, the cream puffs, tart shells, and the cannoli filling.

For mini-desserts figure at least 2-3 pieces per person when deciding on a count. Some people take one of everything, some take 1 or 2 desserts, some take none. All mini-desserts have a minimum order of 2 dozen.

Call or email Charlotte’s Baked Goods for more information, pricing, and to discuss the perfect desserts to make your celebration spectacular.


Dessert Table Possibilities
Dessert Shooters
Mini-Bundt cakes
Mini-Cream puffs


Call or e-mail for more information.



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my promise 

I promise to deliver high quality baked goods that are delicious and eye-catching for that special moment in your life. I hope you enjoy eating them as much as I enjoy making them for you.

contact  248-627-6694 or 248-464-0202

For questions about our products or to place an order, please email charlottesbakedgoods@aol.com, call 248-627-6694 (home) or 248-464-0202 (cell), or message me on Facebook.